S!nergy 2021

Students x Ideas x Energy

What is S!nergy?

S!nergy is an event initiated by International Association of Youth and Students for Peace (IAYSP or YSP) in Japan and has started to spread to the other countries IAYSP is working in.

It is a platform for students to share their projects and ideas in a professional setting.

A group of judges made up of distinguished leaders of the community vote along with the audience on the best idea and presentation. The winner receives a grant to help further their idea or project.

Steps for Participants

1. Register for S!nergy

To register for S!nergy, you must be between the ages of 15 and 39 years old. Registration will be closed one week before the event. Please find dates for respective countries in the bottom of the page.

You can register using the following link.

There is a $5 registration fee.

2. Book a Peace Designer Session

Youth and Students for Peace offers a full day seminar called the “Peace Designer” that teaches service project planning for

youth and young adults. Participants learn a different perspective on how sustainable peace can be created

and identify personal strengths and passions that can be used to help address issues that are present in their community.

The seminar takes students through step-by-step discussions and planning to make their “Peace Project” a reality.

You can book a two hour session using the registration link in step one.

3. Create your presentation

I. The content of the presentation should propose a project and new idea to create peace, a better society and support

the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

II. The project being presented should align with this year's theme: Youth Action for Peace and Sustainable Development.

III. The time period of the speech is 5 - 7 minutes. You will lose 2 points for every minute you run overtime.

IV. Presenters with presentation slides should send the document before the event.

V. Photos, videos and other media should be Copyright free.

4. Present at the S!nergy Event

I. Please wear neat, presentable clothing.

II. Participants are highly recommended to share slides on the Zoom presentation.

III. Please do not use profanity or inappropriate words.

IV. Remember to keep within the time limit.

V. Presenters will be judged according to the following criteria

- Content Presentation

- Delivery

- Idea

- Plausibility

5. Instructions for The First Place Winner

I. The first place winner will receive $300 AUD

II. The first place national winner will compete in the Oceania competition. All first place winners will progress to the next level of competition.

Register for S!nergy 2021